And we are live! Welcome to my new online space. I love connecting with my fans and fellow DJs on Social Media and with all the different platforms popping up I wanted to create one official PH space that you can have access to. Now instead of me rambling on about what me and my team will be doing here, let me chop it up (you can tell I am a DJ!) in quick and easy questions.

Can we download your mixes?

Yes, yes and yes! You guys have beeeeeen asking me for my mixes and whilst you can listen to them on Mixcloud right here on is where you can download the mixes.

How often will we get mixes?


Each month I will release a themed β€œalbum” that may contain 1, 2 or if you are lucky 3 mixes for the month 

Will we get to see behind-the-scenes and blogs?

Yip! My #PHages section will dive a little more deeper than what you see on my Instagram post.

How can we reach you?

Head on over to my contact page and send me a message. As simple as that!