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Balance is 🔑

I have to say I’m proud of my health journey so far. It’s been tough but I have been sooooo committed. Lots of my friends have been asking me how I do it so I thought I would share some tips with you!

Boring as it may sound, a routine is key. My days are hectic and you can only imagine my nights so I compromised – sort of. When I am in town I’ve made the point to just GET to the gym. My personal trainer has been instrumental in my progress but for those (rare) days when I have a canceled trip, I still go and just keep moving. So, in a nutshell, my daily routine is to try and hit the gym wherever I may so some days it may be home in Bryanston and other times the hotel gym.

Choose what you chew:
Seriously! This has made the most impact in my life. My day is littered with meetings at cool spaces which come with cool food. When I need to go to my gigs you can only imagine the vices around me. So now I’ve just decided to not think about it that hard. Just in that moment, make better choices. Swopping some soda for water, holding back on sugars and limiting the carbs!

Sort of an oxymoron for DJs but rest is super important for me. I am able to think more clearer, work smarter and have tons more energy. I am a HUGE advocate of naps as I see this as mini bursts of energy.

Shop Smart:
I hate malls so trust that online shopping is my go-to. I order all my food online including stocking up on snacks so when the late night cravings call – I am not tempted.

How do you stay in shape? Comment and let me know your hacks!

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